Monday, November 7, 2016

(*HOT*) WHAFF Reward : Earn Easily 10$ By Refer Friends Get Gift Cards & Bank transferable via Paypal ($ Proof Attached $)

WHAFF  Reward : Refer Friends & Earn 10$- 15$ PayPal Cash, Gift Cards, Bank Cash via paypal 

Hi Friends, want to earn some dollars? If yes, so read this post. 

WHAFF Reward App is really great cash giving app by which you can easily make 10$ -15$. WHAFF app does not need mobile number for login, it require Facebook accounts which make it easy to login. You can transfer your earnings to your Bank Account.

ABOUT WHAFF : WHAFF is an app that giving reward. You get rewards in many ways and the reward you get is more than other whaff competitors (usually from 0.10$ - 0.50). You can also earn by invite your friend. You need an facebook account for login. When you have enough reward in your wallet you can receive your payment via gift card, paypal, payout & more...


  • Install and open WHAFF App.
  • Then login by using your facebook account.
  • Now Enter the invitation code  AI80612  

Note: Copy the invitation code & Put the code for getting 0.30$.

  • Click on next and you will get 0.30$ = Rs.20
  • Now Download apps & complete task to get more money.



  • Click on invite friends option.
  • Now, Share the app to your friends via facebook, whatsapp, Twitter.....
  • You will get 0.30$ when your friend download and login by using your invitation code.


  •  Click on top left corner.
  •  Then Click on payout option.
  • Now, Select the option through which you want to redeem your earning.
Get your payment via facebook, Amazon gift card, Skill, Paypal, Google & iTunes gift card, XBOX  card, skype , etc.

 Minimum redemption only 10$= Rs.660 Bank Transferable via PayPal :)

>>(*Loot*)Pocket  Money : Get  Rs.40  Paytm  Cash or  Recharge Per  Refer With PROOF


  •  Simply download the apps and get rewards.
  •  Keep  these apps on your device for extra bonus.
  •  Run and play these downloaded app for more points.
  •  Do some task, get more bonus
  •  Click on check attendance and get rewards.


Final Words:
  WHAFF app is simple to use and it is trusted app in the field of reward giving apps.The reward you get from WHAFF app is more than other competitors. This make  it best earning app. Earn easily 15$= Rs.1000 :)

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