How TO Make Android Faster :

Hello friends, Today I'm sharing some of the best ways by which you can make your android phone faster. 


No one wants a slow phone but many of us face the hanging problem on android. But Delay in task is one of the biggest issues with Android, because of this it take little more time while launching apps and returning to home screen. It is frustrating when your android smartphone runs in snail pace! But there are many ways by which you can boost your android phone performance.

Steps To Make Android Faster :

When you buy a new android phone it work very fast but after few days or week android become slow. So, today I'm sharing some tips & tricks to you by which you can make your android smartphone fast. These tips & tricks are very simple or easy to implement on your android. So let we start-

1. Uninstall Apps you don't use


This is the best way to speed up your android phone. Uninstall those apps that you are not using regularly. These apps runs in the background which slowly decrease your smartphone performance. You need to take this step seriously to make your device faster. 

If your smartphone RAM above 2GB, you don't have to worry about that.

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2. Keep Your Home Screen Clean


Less cluttered/ rushed your home screen is better in term of performance.

  • Use only essential widgets on your smartphone home screen.
  • Don't use apps shortcuts on the home screen.
  • Don't use live wallpapers, they slow down the performance of your smartphone. And there is the impact on your mobile phone battery life.

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3. Keep Update Your Smartphone

The new update include the security issues and bugs fixed. I recommend you to update your smartphone regularly. It can help your android device to run better.
To check updates, Go to setting > About device > Software update and check for updates.

4. Clean Temporary Files & Cache 


You can make your Smartphone faster is by wiping out (Clear) the temporary files & caches.These files are generated while an app is running and stored in phone memory.Since the stored app caches consume RAM space and CPU that slow down your android phone. 

5. Turn Off Auto Syncing 

 We all are using gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, many more instant messaging accounts. These accounts auto synchronize all your data in background. 
The auto syncing has a big impact on mobile phone performance and it also reduce your phone battery life.
To Disable auto syncing - Go to settings > Auto sync > Then turn off auto sync.

6. Perform Factory Reset 

You have to do factory reset periodically if you want your device running in Tip-Top condition. Factory reset helps in clearing all your smartphone partition cache, system system cache and other junk files which present in your smartphone memory.
To do factory reset- Go to setting > Backup & Restore > Factory data reset 
**Do factory reset process once in every 3 months**

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7. Delete Old & Unused Files 


You have to delete the old and unused files to make your android smartphone run faster. These files may be images, doc. files, videos, music, application and more. You have to take backup your files to either dropbox or google drive instead of phone memory.

8. Remove Unwanted System Apps 

The system app or pre-installed app in your Android smartphone cannot be uninstalled directly by the user. To uninstalled these app you have rooting your android phone. These apps might be consider "bloatware" and take up valuable resource. Unwanted pre-installed app take up space on your phone's storage & RAM also. 

9. Use High Class Memory Card 


Using a class 10 SD card instead of class 4 or class 6 SD  will improve read and write speed hence you will see better loading times and much less lag in graphically demanding games. I highly recommended to use a class 10 SD card for gaming and HD video recording. 

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10. Perform Reboot Regularly 

Performing reboot regularly will enhance your android phone performance. To do reboot > press power button (4-6 seconds) > Select Reboot Option.
 **Do Reboot process once in a day**

So, friends now you know how you can make your Android faster by applying above tricks. I'm sure this post will helpful for you. You can bookmark this page to get more updates.

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