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How to Download And Play Pokemon Go On Android anywhere in the World

How to Download And Play Pokemon Go On Android:

Hello readers, Are you Die Hard Gamer? So, this post is best for you. Today I'm sharing you brand new game and world's most popular game at this time.


Everyone right now is talking about Pokemon Go. The most viral game in USA right now. It released recently in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. Those in Japan and other countries around the world are still having to wait.
 But we can not wait to official release in my country. So now I'm going to share you how to install and play Pokemon Go.

About Pokemon Go :

Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon with Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is constructed on Niantic's real world gaming platform and use real location  to encourage players to look far in the world to find Pokemon. Pokemon Go allows you to catch over 100 species of Pokemon.  


You have to move around the city to capture different Pokemon's to capture exactly like "Ash" in his journey. It give you feel that your Pickatchu is in front of you and you have to catch different types of Pokemon and earn points. 

Your android phone will vibrate to allow you to know you are close to a Pokemon. Then you have to fight that Pokemon and throw the poke ball to catch its.
Note : After fight, it might be catch or might be run away.

So, friends now your chance to discover and capture the Pokemons all around you.

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Requirements To Run Pokemon Go :

1. Need an Android phone or iPhone or iOS device.

2. GPS connection enable.

3. 3G /4G/ WiFi.

Steps To Download & Install Pokemon Go On Android :

The day Pokemon was release in the US its APK was out. So anyone in the world can download that APK. 

1.  Firstly, you have to go official downloading website [Click Here]

2. Now you see Pokemon Go Apk and click on download Apk button.

3. Wait to download the game and then install it.

4. Now, the Apk is successfully installed and open it.

5. It ask to sign in with your gmail id and allow the permission . 

6. Then create your Avtar to play this game. 

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Now, you are ready to play this game on your GPS. As you walk in your home or street, new and different types of Pokemon come around you. You have to catch them & you earn points and level up your stages. 
Note: This game can not be play at only one place like other games. So you have travel or go outside from home for capture a Pokemon. 


So, friends download Pokemon Go and play the world most popular game.Happy hunting! If you 
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