Top 10 Benefits of Using Custom Domain Name On Blog

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 benefits of using custom domain on blog

Most of the new blogger who start a blog prefer to use BlogSpot or wordpress as their blogging platform. Because these are free hosting management system and we don't need to pay i.e our investment is zero and return high revenue.

I know this is safe way to start a blog and its also a great way to learn about blogging. But if you want to make career in blogging, this is big mistake. So, Today I'm going to share some benefits of using custom domain on your blog rather than sub domain or free domain.

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Difference Between Custom Domain & Sub Domain:

If you are on blogging on blogspot or wordpress the past few months, so you will know the importance of custom domain on blog. But if you are completely beginner, so in the first you have to understand the basic difference between custom domain and free /sub domain.

Your free domain looks like  or
For example-

Here and is a sub domain. Due to this your domain look too long and difficult to remember.

Your custom domain looks like-
For example- .
You can see, its shot and easy to remember. Now, you know the basic difference between custom and free domain. 

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Benefits Of Custom Domain Name:

Are you using blogspot or wordpress platform for blogging with free domain name. If yes, i suggest you to start your blogging career with custom domain instead of subdomain. Because your blog with subdomain can harm your blogging career. While custom domain provides you more benefits. Let's see how-

#1. Easy To Remember
When visitors come from google or any other search engine to read your article and he/she like your blog or content. So a custom domain such as is much easier to remember in comparison of .

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#2. Social Media Sites
Social media sites like facebook, twitter and google+ is the second largest source to get traffic on your bog. Since BlogSpot or wordpress is a free platform so it is also targeted by spammer. This is the reason people don't much trust on that blog. They ignore subdomain blog on social sites.

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#3. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
Did you saw any blog with subdomain during searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo? -No!. Because search engines give more preference to custom domain blog over free domain. Having your own domain name will increase your website positioning under search result on top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

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#4. Make Branding & Reputation
In Blogging reputation must be high. If you want to be successful in your blogging career. You have to promote your blog like as a brand and it is not possible in case of sub-domain. 

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#5. Seriousness Toward Blogging
Without a nice layout, template and domain name people will not fell that you are serious about blogging. They think you are a newbie blogger and you just start blogging.

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#6. Professional/ Custom Emails
With your custom domain, you can create your professional or domain specific email address such as rather than gmail or yahoo. One of the biggest advantage of domain specific email address is you got adsense approval very fast.

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#7. Professional Look
After buying custom domain, your blog look like a professional and its also look like website.

#8.  Backlinks And Traffic
Backlinks is a great source to build reputation, brand, high Page Rank, Alexa Rank. A custom domain receive huge number of backlinks in comparison to sub-domain. So, you can boost your blog traffic easily.

One more point- If you are building backlinks with Or . But After some time you setup custom domain on your blog, you will loose your all backlinks. :(

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#9. Alexa Rank
You will face a very big problem with sub-domain i.e. blog Alexa ranking. Every blogger know how much alexa rank is important and every blogger want to increase their alexa rank. But After setup custom domain on blog your alexa ranking will start from zero. :(

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#10. Buying Domain is Affordable
Buying domain name is not a waste of money, its just a little investment in blogging. Buying a domain is pretty cheap you can easily get good domain name at just 10$ per year. But for the first year domain costs will be less than 1$ in offer. 
Best Domain Name Providers- Godaddy, NameCheap, BigRock, HostingRaja.

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Final Words-
So, i would suggest you stick to sub-domain (blogspot or wordpress) for a couple of weeks and then move to custom domain. I hope you understand the importance of using custom domain on your blog.

If you have any question feel free to ask me via comment or contact. If you feel this article useful, do share it on facebook, google+ or other social media sites to help new bloggers.
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