Saturday, January 28, 2017

Simple Steps to Use Reliance Jio Sim in Modem & Window Phones

How To Use Reliance Jio Sim in Modem & Window Phones:

Are you searching on google for the trick or guide- "How to use Reliance Jio Sim in modem or dongle" or "How to use Jio Sim in Windows phone". Then you are landed on the right place.

We all know about Reliance Jio preview offer i.e. free unlimited internet and unlimited calls & sms for 3 months. This offer attracted every person of India and everyone start getting or buying Jio Sim from stores. And most of them might have got their Reliance Jio Sim cards.

Recently some people saying that the jio 4G service is limited to only 4G enabled smartphones. But the answer is No!!. You can also use jio sim card on any 3G phones.

So let's jump into the guide of How to use jio sim in modem/dongle & window phones.

How To use Jio Sim in Modem/Dongle:

1. First of all Insert the jio sim in your modem.

2. Now, connect your dongle to PC or Laptop and wait for the connection to establishing.

3. Set APN: Some modems will automatically detects while some modems can't. So, set it manually.
-Go to the Setting in your modem application.


4.Now select "Profile Management" or APN.

5. Create new profile-   
                       Profile Name-
                                APN Name-Jionet


6. Leave other fileds empty & save it and set this APN as Default.

That's it...Now you will get the internet connection. It just as easy as that but if you face any problem restart your PC/Laptop and try again.

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How to Use Jio Sim in Window Phones:

1. First of all, slide your window phone app list from right to left.

2. Then open settings and enable cellular data. Here select 4G mode or highest connection speed.

3. After that open sim setting and Click on Add VPN.

4. In VPN fill these fields correctly and leaves the other fields blank.
               APN: Jionet
          IP Type: IPv4

5. Save the connection and restart your phone.

6. That's it...Now Turn on your data connection and enjoy unlimited 4G data.

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So, friends this is an easy guide to use reliance jio sim in modem and windows phones. If you feel this article useful, do share it on facebook, google+ or other social media sites to help more Reliance Jio users.

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