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(*Alert*) Is Relaince Jio Sending Bill To Its Jio Users?

(Alert) Is Relaince Jio Sending Bill To Its Jio Users?

Is jio sending bills for using jio welcome offer ? Well, you have heard about jio bills news and now you are wondering that do you really need to pay for using Jio welcome offer ? Well here is real truth behind the jio bill new i.e. jio sending bills for using jio welcome offer on the aadhaar card address.

(Alert) Is Relaince Jio Sending Bill To Its Jio Users?

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                                 (Alert) Is Relaince Jio Sending Bill To Its Jio Users?

Jio bill of Rs. 27,718-
A user named Ayunuddin Mondal who lives in Kolkata got the bill as per the image circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp. The bill seems real with the Reliance Jio logo on the top side of the bill. He has to pay Rs.27,718 before 20th Nov 2016.

Penalty of Rs. 1,100?
While the bill amount is shown to be Rs.27,718.5 and the due date for the payment is November 20, 2016, the alleged bill claims that the amount will be Rs. 28,818.5 after the due date. This shows that the penality is Rs 1,100 after crossing the due date of payment, which is too high and highly impractical.
Reliance Jio Rs 27,718 Bill Is Fake.

Reliance Jio Reply-
Reliance Jio clearly announced that Jio welcome offer is free for all users and they are not going to charge anything. Secondly there is no way that a company can charge Rs 27,718 for using just 554.37 MB internet data. 

We have even tried calling the number mentioned on the bill many times but the number has been switched off. And the main reason, if the jio is really sending bills then why they are sending it before the validity of jio welcome offer ends.

So, from the reasons mentioned above we can state that Jio bills news is fake and the answer of the question – “Is Jio Sending Bills For Using Jio Welcome Offer?” is No.

So as a Reliance Jio user you no need not worry. As per the sources, other telecom operators are creating such rumors on Reliance Jio to defame the company in the consumer’s minds. So be aware of the false information.

If you still have any query regarding Jio bill news then feel free to comment below.

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