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Reliance Jio free offer extended till 31 March 2017- Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Jio free offer extended till 31 March:

Hello TechEarnBlog Readers, Are you using Reliance jio 4G sim card? If yes, So I have a good news for you!! Read this post.....

Reliance Jio made some big announcement on Thursday. Its Chairman Mukesh Ambani revealed that Reliance Jio will extend its welcome offer till 31st March for all its users. Calling it the Happy New Year offer, the Reliance Industries chairman said that all existing users, and new users will now gain access to free data, voice usage till 31 March starting from 4 December, when the welcome offer ends.

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Reliance Jio free offer extended till 31 March 2017 TechEarnBlog

He added that since it Jio started operations, as many as 900 crore voice calls from Jio to the networks of its 3 largest competitors "were blocked." three months.

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Jio Growing Faster than Other:
Facebook, Twitter Mukesh Ambani says in the past three months, Reliance jio has become the fastest growing tech company in the world. He revealed that Jio has grown faster than services such as facebook, WhatsApp. He added that Jio has signed up on an average 6 lakh customers per day in the past.

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1GB Data Per Day:
The important thing to note here is that while until now the free data limit per day was 4GB, it will be reduced to 1GB under the new offer. Post 1GB, the download speed will be capped to 128kbps. Reliance claims that 80% of its customers use less than 1GB per day and by reducing the limit all users get fair share of network capacity.

Reliance Jio free offer extended till 31 March 2017 TechEarnBlog

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For Existing Users:
If you are exixting user of Reliance Jio, Welcome Offer till December 31,2016, and from January 1 2017, they will be automatically transferred to the Happy New Year Offer.

Reliance Jio New Year Offers Start Date: 4th December 

Reliance Jio New Year Offers Expiry Date: March 31, 2017.

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Jio Happy New Year offer for customers Jio is officially extending the benefits of the original Welcome Offer which gives Reliance Jio customers unlimited voice calling, text messages and data for free. However the Reliance Jio Happy New Year plan will come with a Fair Usage Police or FUP which will cap data for Reliance Jio customers at around 1 GB per day. The Reliance Jio New Year offer will be free for all customers till March 31, 2017.

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