Interesting Facts About Google You Should Be Know:

Hello friends, today in this post I'm going to share you interesting facts that you may not know. Google is a famous because of its Google search engine but Google have more than 200+ products and services like gmail, Google+, Google Doc, YouTube, Google Adsense, Adword, etc..

Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in internet-related services and products that include online online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, hardware. 
CEO: Sundar Pichai (oct 2, 2015)

Interesting Facts About Google-

#1. Spelling Mistake:
The name 'Google' was an accident. A spelling mistake made by the original founders who through they were going for 'Googol'.
Google means- a number equivalent to ten raised to the power hundred.
Google's founder accidentally wrote google and later it was decided that the name google is more simple then the Googol. 

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#2.Google Companies:
The another interesting fact about google is google has been acquiring on average more than one company per week since 2010. For example- Google purchased Motorola, quick office, YouTube and more companies. But now Lenovo company purchased Motorola company. 

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As everybody knows that youtube is a part of google. According to this fact- Over 6 Billion Hours of videos watching made each month on youtube. It means over 6-Billion hours youtube users spend time on youtube- that means almost an hour for every person on earth.
This is the most interesting fact about google. Google uses a secret web tool called to recruit new employees online based on what they search for online. If google sees that you are searching for specific programming terms they may ask you to apply for job. It sound bit awkward but its true!! The company has created a mysterious page- that you can only access(Open) if you get invited.

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Larry Page and Sergey Brin want Sell Google:
On starting google founder's Larry Page and Sergey Brin, wanted to sell his company (google) to Excite company at 1 Million dollars. But they received offers of $75,000 from Excite company. So the deal had been canceled. After sometime google has become a big company and world's top search engine.

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#6. Google Search Homepage:
Did you ever wonder why google has such a simple homepage? Because when Larry and Bin created Google, they didn't know enough HTML to make a good looking homepage. they stuck with it! 

#7. I'm Feeling Lucky Button:
Google loses $100 million per year because of the I'm feeling Lucky Button, just to make sure you get an ad-free search. 

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#8.Google Searches & Earning:
Do you search on google daily? You know 40,000 people per second search on google. In 2013, about 91% of google's revenue $55.5 billion came from advertising alone. Because of this Google Adsense is a king of advertise network.
#9. Google Renting Goats:
This is not a joke!! Google rents 200 and plus goats from a company California Grazing. The goats helps google to cut down on the amounts of weeds at the google headquarter. Google say that goats are a lot more environment friendly and cuter to watch, too. 

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#10.Google Sky:
Google Sky map allow you to view stars, planets and galaxies. Explore the far reaches of the universe using image from NASA Satellite. checkout at

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