E-learning trends to watch out for in 2017

Education has always been limited by technology. Until both pupil and teacher needed to be in the same lecture hall to learn. In fact, it was not until the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 that written record became accessible to the world. That innovation set in motion an explosion of scientific and literature discovery. In this day, information can fit in your pocket, as internet access has become a basic human right.

There are several online learning options for practically every subject imaginable. Wikipedia, YouTube, and WebMD are examples of highly popular learning platforms offering meticulously explained subject matter open-source. These platforms, among other services, allow masses of people to be educated on a personalized schedule for the first time, with very little variable cost.

Not a lot is certain about the future these days, but what is sure is the continued rise of e-Learning. With the already crowded market for e-Learning services expanding every few months, meaningful innovations and strategies will surely take new ground in the coming year. Here, we take a look at a few top e-Learning trends for 2017.

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Content Curation:
Choosing, organizing, and presenting bits relevant to a specific purpose. This kind of “curation” refers to the collection, display, and labeling of information, not unlike the work of a museum curator, who assembles artifacts and o ers viewers information about the provenance and importance of each item. Curation tools that aggregate visual content generally provide a straightforward mechanism for quickly grabbing web based content. These tools are increasingly common in arts-based courses because they encourage visual thinking as they support teaching and learning in these disciplines.

Mobile Learning:
With smartphones becoming a common accessory amongst people, learning via mobile devices has shot up in the last few years. With smartphones being available prices, the common man now has a portable learning device on the go. With several educational apps available on the market, people will have several options to prepare for their CBSE or UPSC exams.

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Social E-Learning: 
Learning through social interactions and Sharing of education material, abilities, skills and sharing knowledge is known as social e-learning, this enables people to personalize and adapt the process of learning based on the needs, characteristics and preferences of the user.

The method of delivering and teaching content to the learners in specific and very small bursts is called microlearning. Typically, the learners are in control of the things they want to learn, like a three minute video or a one-question quiz related to let’s say CAT.

The use of elements in game design to help users understand and find meaning in a non-gaming text. This focuses on scoring system rather than external rewards to engage the users to learn.

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