How To Watch 3D Movie On VLC Player:

VLC media player is top media player player and 97 % persons use VLC media player for watch movie, videos, mp3 and audio. VLC player support all format which other media player can’t support all type of format.  It supports many types of video and audio formats like FLV, MPEG, WMV, MKV, MP4, MP3, OGG, WAV and many others in the list. If you are find, how to watch 3D movie in VLC player, so this articles will be surely help.

Most of people believe that for watch 3D movie, also must have 3D TV. But you can also watch 3D movie without supported 3D TV. You can watch 3D movie in computer and laptop. Make some modifications to your existing VLC Media Player and you are good to go. Currently, you can watch only SBS(Side By Side) 3D movies with VLC Media Player. So what are you waiting for? Dig into the article to learn all about this hidden but powerful trick!

What is SBS:

SBS is Side by side view, which is 1080p or 720p frame which is intended both eyes at same time and divide to right and left,which frame are intended to both eyes right and left respectively.
Half Side-by-Side (SBS), means the left and right views of a 3D video are subsampled at half resolution and you get a backwards compatible full frame.
Example: Say, each view is 1920×1080 subsample to 960 x 1080, put them side by side and now you have a 3D 1920×1080 frame.

Full Side-by-Side, means you transmit both views at full resolution; better quality, but bigger file. You must have only RED and Cyan 3D glasses.

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How To Watch 3D Movies On PC/Laptop With VLC Media Player:

For watch 3D movies On PC/Laptop you can watch 3D movies in VLC media player. Here is given step by step tutorial for watch 3D movies on VLC media player
Step 1 : First of all, Download or Collect SBS (Side By Side ) 3D Movies in your PC/Laptop
Step 2 :   Open VLC Media Player in Computer or Laptop
If you have not installed vlc media player, download here : VLC Media Player
Step 3 : After installed, open vlc player and go to Tools —> ” Effects and Filters “ option.

Step 4 : Now, click on Video Effects option and go to ” Advanced “ tab.


Step 5 : At Advanced tab, check box ” Anaglyph 3D ” option

Step 6 : Now, you can watch 3D movies on VLC player.
Note :- For watch 3D movies in VLC media player, you must have RED and Cyan 3D Glass. If you have not 3D glass you can buy at online shopping site.

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That’s it for now! Now you know how to watch 3D movies on PC using VLC media player. There are some other methods to watch 3D movies on your PC but using VLC is the cool one. So now try it and enjoy the 3D movies.

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