How to know all Qzingo Answer - Qzingo Hack

Hey friends, Today I'm going to share a simple trick "how to know all qzingo answer". The best thing about is that you don't need to download any software for that or have to install any extension. In this method we have to view the source code of the page and know all the answers. So you will get 15/15 points qzingo answers.

qzingo answer qzingo hack
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How to know Qzingo all Answers :

1. First of all, copy the link which your friends provided.

2. Open the google chrome and paste the copied link in the address bar.

3. Add view-source: before the URL and go.


4. Now click on the 3-dots and select "Find in page" .

5. Then  you have search "var aid".

6. Voila!! 15/15 You get all answers :) 

In this case, 1,1,1,....,2,4 are the answers of question number 1st, 2nd, 3rd respectively. Now lets go to the website and give the answer of all question. That's it we hacked the qzingo. 
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If you followed the same steps without any mistake, you will get all qzingo answer. Try it yourself to see how it works, this is an excellent trick. That looks really very cool when you will be with your friends. Hope you like the article, please don’t forget to share this cool notepad trick with your friends.