What is the Difference Between Thin Client and Thick Client

The term thick and thin client is related to client servers in the field of networking/software. A client-server system in which one system(server) provides services to other system(client which request to the server).
What is the Difference Between Thin Client and Thick Client

Thin Client :

1. A thin client is a web-based application that is primarily designed to communicate with a server and most of the processing is done on the server side.

2. A thin client is browser based this means that we don’t need to install any heavy stuff or software.

3. It is available across platform and also available on browser based.

4. Generally consumes few local resources such as disk, computer power and memory. Because the data is typically stored on servers.

5. In offline, functions mostly don’t work. Functionality may depends on a fast network connection.

Advantages Of Thin Client:

1. Easy to deploy as they don’t require extra software installation.

2. The data stored is verified by server.

3. Reduce security threats.

4. Low hardware cost.

5. Low energy consumption.

6. Low maintance cost.

Example : The best example of thin client is a web browser. They are not very interested on thier own but offer a wide range of functionality by connecting to variety of web servers.

Thick Client or Fat Client :

1. A thick client is a client-server architecture based application or software that implemented its own features.

2. A thick client is installed into the client side. It still connected to the server but most of the processing done on client side.

3. In thick client, there won’t be much processing via the networks. It will be a much faster and good option if your network is slow.

4. Functionality may work without a connection or with a slow connection and data may be stored locally such as computer disk.

Advantages Of Thick Client:

1. It reduce server demand because all data stored locally.

2. Better multimedia performance.

3. Offline working.

Disadvantages Of Thick Client:

1. Increase security issues.

2. More expensive to deploy.

3. Data verified by client not server.

Example : The best example of thick client is a game which run its primary engine locally to provide fast graphics and responsive user interface. It may connect to a server to give a game social dimension where you can play and communicate with other players.

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