Best Granger Build Mobile Legend New Hero

Hey guys, finally we have a new marksman hero Granger which is hybrid skill combination of 3 heroes kimmy, lesley and moskov. First, we will discuss about his skill and then the best granger build mobile legends. He is a demon hunter and is respected by his fellow demon hunter Alucard. Aside from his gun, he carries a violin which has its own use unlike odette's sowrd.

Skills of Granger Mobile Legends New Hero

Passive Skill - His passive skill grants him 6 bullets. Each basic attack consumes a bullet. On the 6th bullet, it will deal a critical hit. The bullets are needed for him to do basic attacks, without it, he can't do a basic attack. The bullets are refreshed after a few seconds.

Skill 1 (Rhapsody)- Shoots his all bullets in a direction.
It works just like Harley's cards. You can move while shooting. Because of his passive, the last bullet will deal critical damage.

Skill 2 (Rondo) - Second skill is a dash that can also add extra damage to the next two bullets. The cooldown of this skill is reduced by 0.4 seconds everytime a bullet hits an enemy.

Ultimate (Death Sonata)- Granger's ultimate skill is like Lesley's and kimmy's ultimate combined. His ultimate can deal damage three times and ignores minions. He can't move while casting the skill but he can dash to any direction. That's a nasty ultimate.

What battle spells & Emblem to use?

Sprint (Highly recommended) or agies. Sprint spell can be used to run away or chase enemy quickly with his skill 1. But if enemy have Natalia, Chou, Hellcurt use purify.

Emblems: Marksman on critical damage or You can use Assasian with bounty hunter .

Full Granger Build Mobile Legends

I've been practicing Granger and so far he is pretty good in my opinion. So, here is the Granger build mobile legends. Hunter's Knife (Most Impotant) help him clear jungle fast. His First skill and last bullet makes hi an above average jungler.

1. Magic Shoes
2. Blade of Despair
3. Berserker's Fury
4. Bloodlust Axe
5. Endless Battle
6. Wings of Apocalypse or Athena Shield or Immortality

Magic Shoes because cooldown is important for Granger.
Blade of Despair- Its unique passive fits perfectly with his last bullet on 1st skill.
Berserker's Fury to increase his critical damage.
Bloodlust Axe - It gives cooldown reduction and spell vamp for his skills.
Endless Battle Because of its true damage.
Defense - Wings of Apocalypse or Athena Shield or Immortality.

Another Build:
Swift Boots
Scarlet Phantom
Haas's Claws
Berserker's Fury
Rose Gold Meteor
Blade Of Despair

Weakness of Granger?

His weakness is against enemies with high mobility. Because his first skill can only be aimed at one direction. Fanny is the best counter for him.

Making your own build takes a lot of time and effort 

First, you need to understand your hero. Every hero has a specialty, and a good build maximizes that hero’s specialty. For example, Lesley specializes on high-damage critical hits while Miya specializes on attack speed. Both heroes are marksmen but their specialities are quite different from each other. Learn your hero’s specialty so you will have a better understanding of what items will benefit that hero and create your own pro Granger Build mobile legends.

How to Use Granger Skills?

Lv 1 - 5 --> Skill 1 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 1
Lv 6 - 10--> Skill 2 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 2
Lv 11 - 15--> Skill 1 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 2

Is Granger good or bad? Granger is not your typical attack speed and critical marksman. The attcak speed is too low even with full attack speed items.
Tips for marksman Players: Try building three Blade of Despairs in the late game, you’ll delete squishies before they even know what hit them. ;)

Let me know what you think about this new hero. what is your best hero and worst here in the comment section. If you like this post don't forget to share others.